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Tacx Heart Rate Belt (Bluetooth/ANT+)

Heart rate belt for ANT+ and Bluetooth SmartThe water resistant heart rate belt by Tacx is one of the few sensors that communicates wirelessly via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart. This means you can use it in combination with many other devices, such as a sports watch, sport applications on a smartphone and a tablet, a Garmin device and a Tacx trainer, making performance tracking a lot easier and more fun.The sensor transmits your heart rate information wirelessly via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart technology. You can use the Heart rate belt with the Tacx Smart trainers, but also when cycling outside or doing other sports such as running and fitness...

£52.99 Ex Tax: £44.16

Tacx USB ANT+ Antrnna T2028

The ANT+ Antenna connects your ANT+ Tacx trainer to your Windows computer, which enables you to train with the Tacx Trainer software...

£43.99 Ex Tax: £36.66

Tacx Trainer Tyre

The Tacx trainer tyre is a special tyre designed for use with Tacx turbo trainers, keeping your actual tyres safe and fresh for competitions. These tyres are not suitable for the road and are exclusively for training use...

£34.99 Ex Tax: £29.16