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SRAM XX1 Eagle 12 Speed Groupset

XX1 Eaglenew XX1 Eagle™ drivetrain to work quietly, intuitively, precisely and perfectly. Whether you’re an hour and twelve minutes into a World Cup XC or, just about to hit the top of Pearl Pass—XX1 Eagle™ is ready for that and every place in between. This cross-country-optimized drivetrain combines our newest generation of SRAM 1x™ drivetrain technological advancements with lightweight materials. With a greater gear range of 500-percent, XX1 Eagle™ gives you smoother, more precise shifts with greater durability for long lasting performance so you can spend more time in the gear you want. XX1 Eagle™ just rewrote the rules of freedom.XX1 Eagle ContainsSRAM CASSETTE EAGLE - XG-1299 10-50 12 SPEED GOLD: GOLD 12SPD 10-50TSRAM CHAIN PC XX1 EAGLE HOLLOWPIN 126 LINKS POWERLOCK 12 SPEED GOLD: GOLD 12 SPEEDSRAM CRANK XX1 EAGLE BB30 175 BLACK 12 SPEED W 32T XSYNC DIRECT MOUNT CHAINRING (BB30 BEARINGS NOT INCLUDED): BLACK 12SPD 175MM 32TSRAM REAR DERAILLEUR XX1 EAGLE TYPE 3 12 SPEED BLACK: BLACK..

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SRAM X01 Eagle 12 Speed Groupset

X01 EagleThe X01 Eagle™ drivetrain signals an exciting new era of freedom and the next level of uncompromising performance for enduro racers and aggressive trail riders. Watching the world’s best racers use our parts to battle against nature, physics and time itself, has inspired us to supply them with the most advanced tools we can develop. X01 Eagle™ takes everything you love about our pioneering 1x drivetrains and increases its wear life, toughness, precision, smooth and silent operation. Add to that the 10- to 50-tooth, 12-speed, Eagle™ cassette, and you have a range of gears that gives you the freedom to enjoy the benefit of 1x in any terrain, any location and at any speed. X01 Eagle™ is drivetrain freedom—how you exploit it is up to you.X01 Eagle ContainsSRAM CASSETTE EAGLE XG-1295 10-50 12 SPEED BLACK: BLACK 12SPD 10-50TSRAM CHAIN PC X01 EAGLE HOLLOWPIN 126 LINKS POWERLOCK 12 SPEED: SILVER 12 SPEEDSRAM CRANK X01 EAGLE BB30 175 RED 12 SPEED W 32T XSYNC DIRECT MOUNT CHAINRING (BB3..

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SRAM Force 1x11 Speed Groupset Hydro Disc Brake

Force 1Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. For you, advancement means having everything you need. And nothing you don’t. This is SRAM Force 1 in a nimble nutshell. Innovative, responsive, race ready. Last year’s game-changing upgrade for cyclocross has expanded to triathlon, criterium, and other 700c disciplines, paved and beyond pavement. With a host of drivetrain options, all featuring SRAM 1x™ technologies, and the broadest assortment of braking options available today, SRAM Force 1 is quietly simplifying the experience.Force 1 ContainsSRAM PG1170 11 SPEED CASSETTE 11-32: 11SPD 11-32TSRAM PC1170 HOLLOW PIN 11 SPEED CHAIN SILVER 114 LINK WITH POWERLOCK: SILVER 11 SPEEDSRAM FORCE1 CRANK SET BB30 172.5MM W/ 42T X-SYNC CHAINRING (BB30 BEARINGS NOT INCLUDED): 11SPD 172.5MM 42TSRAM FORCE1 REAR DERAILLEUR MEDIUM CAGE 11-SPEED: 11SPD MEDIUMSRAM SHIFT/HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKE FORCE22 (UK STYLE) 11-SPEED REAR SHIFT FRONT BRAKE 950MM W DIRECT MOUNT HARDWARE (ROTOR & BRACKET SOLD ..

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Sale!! Shimano Dura Ace R9100 11 Speed Groupset

Each component has been re-engineered to ensure maximum stiffness, performance and minimum weight.Dura-Ace R9100 Crankset:The Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 Compact Chainset has been completely re-designed to offer the very best combination of light weight and stiffness. It features Shimano's iconic 4 arm hollow spider that is made from hollow-forged aluminium.Although the crank arms and spider arms are noticeably bigger, which increases stiffness, the overall weight has dropped by 7g over the previous edition of Dura Ace.The crankset has been adapted to work with disc brake road bikes that generally have 135mm rear hub spacing and shorter chainstays without the need to increase Q-factor thanks to its wider chainring spacing.Dura-Ace R9100 2x11sp STI Shifter Set:The Dura-Ace 9100 shifters have received an overhaul over previous editions with the aim of improving ergonomics and shifting efficiency. They now feature a re-designed brake hood that is more comfortable to grip, especially for those ..

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SRAM Force 22 11 Speed Groupset

Hard Miles. Riding is not just a hobby. For you, it’s so much more than that. You shape your life around it. And you make life choices to enable it. You compete with conviction. For you, advancement means having everything you need. And nothing you don’t. This is SRAM Force. Innovative, responsive, race ready. The group designed with a clear and unyielding understanding of what you need to compete, with its priorities set solidly in exactly the right places. Just like you.Force 22 ContainsSRAM PG1170 11 SPEED CASSETTE 11-28: 11SPD 11-28TSRAM PC1170 HOLLOW PIN 11 SPEED CHAIN SILVER 114 LINK WITH POWERLOCK: SILVER 11 SPEEDSRAM FORCE22 CRANK SET BB30 172.5 50-34T BEARINGS NOT INC: 11SPD 172.5MM 50-34TSRAM FORCE22 FRONT DERAILLEUR YAW BRAZE-ON WITH CHAIN SPOTTER:SRAM FORCE22 REAR DERAILLEUR SHORT CAGE 11-SPEED: 11SPD SHORTSRAM FORCE & FORCE22 BRAKE SET (FRONT AND REAR): GREYSRAM FORCE22 SHIFT/BRAKE LEVER SET 11-SPEED REAR YAW FRONT: 11 SPEEDCall for more details: 01656 857202..

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SRAM Rival 22 11 Speed Groupset

Rival 22SRAM Rival 22: Rival Your LimitsYour needs aren’t less demanding. They’re different.The new SRAM Rival 22 groupset delivers immense performance across a broad variety of bikes and disciplines. Paved or not. Cyclocross or triathlon. Road racing or unchartered journeys. Rival 22 provides the ergonomics, efficiency and technology for finely tuned cyclists to meet each challenge and expand their limits.Dedicated cyclists’ demands are different – not less than – the pro’s. Their demands change and evolve with their riding and performance, whether they’re race ready or adventure ready. So why settle for a group that’s simply ratcheted-down to 75 percent of what the pros ride? Rival 22 delivers 100 percent of what cyclists demand.Rival 22 ContainsSRAM PG1130 11 SPEED CASSETTE 11-28: 11SPD 11-28TSRAM PC 1130 PIN 11 SPEED CHAIN SILVER 114 LINK WITH POWERLOCK: 11 SPEEDSRAM RIVAL22 CRANK SET BB30 172.5 50-34 YAW BEARINGS NOT INCL: 11SPD 172.5MM 50-34TSRAM RIVAL22 FRONT DERAILLEUR YAW..

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Sale!! Shimano Ultegra R8000 11 Speed Groupset -44% Call for Availability

Sale!! Shimano Ultegra R8000 11 Speed Groupset

Shimano Ultegra R8000 11-Speed GroupsetEagerly anticipated, the updated Shimano Ultegra R8000 11-Speed Groupset has arrived. It was never going to be easy to improve on the Ultegra 6800 but there are clear improvements on aesthetics and performance. Shimano has evolved the Ultegra series, which hugely benefits from the joys of its bigger brother's technology, Dura Ace R9000. Infused with state-of-the-art technology, the Shimano Ultegra R8000 11-Speed Groupset is superbly stiff, light, and responsive. This Ultegra groupset is a major upgrade on any racing or training Road Bike.FC-R8000 Hollowtech II CranksetThis FC-R8000 Hollowtech II Crankset will make sure you transfer power into speed. With the added bonus of offering weight reduction without sacrificing stiffness, this crankset supports a wide range of gear combinations to suit the fastest downhill section and the steepest mountain pass. The crankarm is redesigned to provide your bike with a fine aesthetic upgrade.Features:Bolt Circ..

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SRAM GX Eagle 12 Speed Groupset

SRAM GX EAGLE GROUPSET (REAR DERAILLEUR, TRIGGER SHIFTER WITH CLAMP, CRANKSET GXP 12S WITH DIRECT MOUNT 32T X-SYNC CHAINRING, CHAIN 126 LINKS 12S, CASSETTE XG-1275 10-50T, CHAINGAP GAGEEagle™ gives you the ultimate advantage. The advantage of freedom. Freedom from complexity, from limitations, from wondering if you have the right gear. The advantage of comfort on the climbs, speed on the flats. The advantage of the simplest, most trouble-free drivetrain system ever made. Quiet and simple. Durable and light. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. Engineered in Germany. This is Eagle™. With the GX Eagle™ main objectives being durability and dependability, it’s the clear choice to bring more riders to the mountain, and the one to keep them coming back for more. GX Eagle™— Ride. Rinse. Repeat.• Only Eagle™ is a complete system-engineered drivetrain designed, tested and proven to deliver the lightest, highest-performing, most durable system for all riders on any trail.• Eagle™ technology p..

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SRAM NX 11 Speed Groupset

Start With One It’s how you start that matters. Whether you’re discovering the mountain for the first time or you’re an MTB lifer searching for a no-nonsense, no-worries 1x drivetrain, Sram NX is ready for action and ready to take you there. NX brings you a wide range of gear choices engineered for simplicity and durability, so you can focus on what matters most — the ride ahead. German engineered and proudly bearing the Sram 1x stamp of approval, NX is ready to let the world know what real riding feels like. Sram NX Groupset contains: Sram NX 11 Speed Cranks (175mm) with 32t Ring  Sram NX 11 Speed Rear Derailleur Sram NX 11 Speed Shifter Sram NX PG-1130 Cassette Sram NX PC-1110 11 Speed Chain ..

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Sale!!! SRAM GX 11 Speed Groupset

For every bike, there’s a rider. A rider who builds it. A rider who knows it. A rider who’s always ready to take the bike somewhere new. Introducing Sram GX, the drivetrain for people who love to ride without restraint. From beginner to expert, GX delivers personalized gear choices that take you as far and wide as you want to go. Engineered in Germany with 1x and 2x options, Sram GX brings the power of riding to everyone, everywhere.   Sram GX 1x11 X-Horizon Rear Derailleur The Sram GX X-Horizon rear derailleur is engineered for smooth, reliable shifting action—from the larger upper pulley offset to the 12-tooth X-Sync pulley wheels. By eliminating unwanted chain movement, X-Horizon shifts faster, puts an end to ghost shifting and reduces shift force and chain slap. And with Cage Lock technology, wheel removal and installation are easier than ever. Speed 11-speed Weight 265g Compatibility 1x11 Max Tooth 42 Pulleys X-Sync Pull X-Actuat..

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