Cycle Scheme

Get a tax free bike with Onitsports

 Cycle schemes

Here at Onitsports we can offer you several different cycle schemes in the surround areas of South Wales including Porthcawl, Bridgend, Cardiff and Swansea.

If you can’t see the scheme your employer is linked too please contacts us on 01656 857 202 or Email where we will be happy to help.

In order to encourage healthier lifestyles and to help reduce environmental pollution the UK Government has introduced Cycle to work Schemes.

  • The schemes enable you to make huge saving on a brand new bicycle by allowing the company to buy the bicycle whilst you repay them over a set period.
  • The VAT (20%) can be reclaimed, whilst you re-pay directly to your employer from your salary on a monthly or weekly basis avoiding National Insurance and Income Tax. The process is called 'Salary Sacrifice'.
  • Savings are typically 40-50% of Retail Prices.
  • You are also able to purchase safety equipment & clothing under the same scheme along with the bicycle

What’s the process of getting a tax free bike for work through Onitsports?

Please note, we only sell bikes and accessories at the full R.R.P

Step 1 - Once an employer has entered into a contract with Onitsports (employers can sign up via the website, or or any employees wishing to participate need to visit Onitsports to get a quote and to choose the bike and , if required, safety equipment.

Step 2 - Employees then apply for a Cycle scheme Voucher by passing the quote to the employer, or filling in the information on the link provided by Cycle scheme. The employee will usually sign an online Hire Agreement at this time.

Step 3 - If the employer approves their application they will countersign the Hire Agreement and pay Cycle scheme for the full retail price of the bike and equipment.

Step 4 – Cycle scheme will then issue a Voucher to either the employee or the employer, wherever is requested.

Step 5 - The Voucher is then redeemed in the Onitsports and exchanged for the bike package. Salary sacrifice then commences over the hired period (usually 12 months).

More details and savings calculator available at  or or